About Chapter

Jordan Association of Management Accountants (JAMA) has signed a full chapter agreement with the International Management Accountants (IMA) whereby over 700 IMA members in Jordan will benefit from JAMA activities. Starting June 2015, all new registrations & renewals have to be through IMA website www.imanet.org.

The Jordan Association of Management Accountants (JAMA) is a professional society that was founded in 2010.

This association was created by merging two innovative ideas into one promising vision: 

  • Creating programs that will support and upgrade the level of Jordanian CFOs and Accountants to meet international professional standards

  • Finding a partner for IMA in Jordan

JAMA believes in building a professional society in Jordan that will support Accountants and Finance Managers by focusing on the ingredients of becoming successful financial leaders such as; technical knowledge, capabilities & skills, leadership talents and professional relationships.

  • In 2016 - 2017 IMA Competition Awards JAMA received

- Gold Medal for 3-Year Membership Acquisition in the Stevenson Division 
- Gold Medal for 3-Year Membership Growth in the Stevenson Division 

  • In 2015 – 2016  IMA Competition Awards JAMA won 1st Place over 156 Chapters in the Stevenson Division Chapter Standings